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將Sothys 防禦能量液融入每日護膚程序中,☀️早上用於面霜之後,為皮膚增添一層水潤而又能阻隔污染物的透薄防護層,🌙 晚上用於潔面後面霜前,剔除及排走肌底中的污染物,日夜不斷保護及修護肌膚,向暗啞疲憊肌膚說不。


Objective: anti-pollution shield

To incorporate into your beauty ritual every day, and protect your skin’s youth. This formula works like a barrier against pollution. Its innovative dropper bottle provides just the right amount of protection, every day while enveloping the skin in an ultra-comfortable hydrating veil.

* Depolluting = helps to limit damaged to the skin caused by pollution.

Sothys 防禦能量液 Protective Depolluting essence

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